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Where fans build legacies

• NBA BETA Launching OCTOBER 2022 •
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Welcome to Next-Gen Fan Engagement

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Connect and explore more powerfully

Fanful sorts all of its content through a revolutionary 'tagging' system, making it easier than ever to connect with others while exploring your favorite players, teams, and match-ups.

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Stay in the know

From real time scores, news, and live chats to betting tools and play-by-play, Fanful provides all of the in-depth information you need.

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Build a legacy

Compete in skill-based contests, rise in leaderboards, and style an avatar to make a name for yourself. 

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Win rewards

Earn $$$, merch, and other prizes from your engagement. Rewards are amplified as you level-up, so becoming a 'bigger fan' matters.

See how leveling up works, here >

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Never need another sports app

Everything you want, and nothing you don't.

Check out our pre-launch rewards widget to level up your account before we launch!